Automated Magnetic Ink Character and Magnetic Stripe Reader

MICRmatic 3000 Datasheet
The MICRmatic 3000 Check Reader is a self-contained, motorized unit designed to read MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) data on the bottom of bank checks, as well as magnetic stripe data on credit cards and input this data to the computer. The reader not only ignores any signature intrusion over the MICR data but also disregards intentional alteration of the bottom line information. The MICRmatic 3000 will read either E13B or CMC-7 characters.

The reader has an automated transport that reads the check twice in less than a second. Audible and visual indicators signal to the user the outcome of the scan. The entire MICR line is captured accurately and quickly which diminishes the customer's waiting time and increases customer satisfaction. The integrated magnetic stripe reading option provides additional capability while saving critical counter space.
REYcomp MICR 300
Magnetic Ink Character Reader
Magnetic Stripe Reader
Check Reader MICR3000
REYcomp Credit Card Reader
  • 1
    Reads E13B & CMC-7
    Check is read and verified in under one second. With a character read rate of greater than 99.95%.
  • 2
    Credit Card Reader
    Optional integrated magnetic stripe reading of credit cards. Default is Track 2. Options: tracks 1 & 2, or track 1 or 2. Tracks 2 & 3, or track 2 or 3.
  • 3
    Check/Credit Authorizaton. Payment Processing. Retail Point of Sale. Deposit Tickets. Airline Tickets. Sales Promotions. Coupons.