BGA ... SMT... Electronic Assembly

We realize your electronic assembly ideas with you, no matter if you want us to take care of partial tasks or your entire project.
Even during prototyping we give consideration to what is to be produced and tested down the road. This guarantees product quality from the very beginning. We provide recommendations for components (SMT, TH, BGA) and material selection− always keeping an optimal price-performance ratio in mind. Our customers are our first priority and at REYcomp customer service translates to more than simply meeting customer needs. Instead, we work to anticipate your needs. It's why you can depend on us.

Errors found with Automated Optical Inspection and X-ray

BGA during Xray inspection.
(Solder Ball Voiding)
SMT TSSOP with bent pin.
(Bent Pin)
Surface Mount Technology SOIC package IC with lead damage.
(Lead Damage)
An SMT Integrated Circuit SC70 package device that is incorrectly placed.
SMT SOT23 with 3 pins and internal damage.
(Internal Damage)

Our Capabilities

  • 1
    Development & Prototyping
    We specialize in complex prototyping projects with rapid turn-around times.
  • 2
    SMT & TH & Cable Assembly
    Individual Assemblies, Modules or Devices. Medium-volume high mix and/or High-volume low mix. REYcomp is a competent and trusted partner for all of these tasks.
  • 3
    Repair & Maintenance
    When boards are too expensive to scrap, let REYcomp remove and replace only the necessary components.
  • 4
    Functional Testing
    Our final quality checks after production are specified by our customers according to their testing standards, ranging from automated AOI inspections to functional testing.