Electronic Contract Manufacturing Assembly Services

Component Purchasing through REYcomp's global supplier network.
Parts Procurement
We monitor the market for you, examine price trends and, by doing so, create the basis for economically efficient component purchasing. Longstanding partner-like cooperation with our suppliers ensures consistently high material quality, and if desired, we select alternative manufacturers and electronic components.
BGA Analysis and Repair.
BGA Placement and Removal
BGA solutions for both EMS companies and end customers. With the right rework method, defective components can be safely removed in accordance with IPC standard 7711 and 7721. REYcomp is then able to repair and deliver functional assembled printed circuit boards.
Device Programming before and after production enabling rev letter changes.
Device Programming
We provide fast turn, high-quality device programming, including JTAG and Boundary Scan, across thousands of devices and suppliers from our U.S. facility in Grand Prairie Texas. Supported Devices and Packages include: EPPROMS, FPGAs, Microprocessors and PLDs.
UR Type Conformal Coating to protect Assemblies.
PCB Protection
Conformal coating, potting and encapsulation of printed circuit boards and automotive electronics. REYcomp has the knowledge and the experience to meet your electronic assembly needs even for the harshest environments. We also offer a special coating for protecting trade design secrets. This coating makes it impossible to reverse engineer your assembly.
Functional Testing to ensure stringent quality requirements.
Assembly Testing
Testing technology plays a critical role at REYcomp. Particularly in the development phase and when changes in production occur but also in product qualification. We offer an extensive spectrum and with that bring special added value to the customer. Testing is integrated into the PCB assembly process or component supply chain upon short notice.
PCB and Assembly repair.
Repair Solution
We have been offering our repair services for many years with great success. Trusted cooperation allows us to develop suitable repair processes for our customers starting in the product engineering phase. REYcomp offers comprehensive support during and especially after the serial printed circuit board production phase.