Box Build

Why receive just the board when you can outsource production of the entire box to a single supplier? REYcomp can provide you the complete range of electronics contract manufacturing services needed for subassembly, panel assembly, box build and system integration.

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Whether kitted (you supply the parts) or turnkey (we take care of everything) you can rely on our manufacturing expertise for your electronic assembly needs. Our capabilities include everything from standalone pc board assembly to volume production.

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Tailored for today's demanding electronic design engineers and procurement specialists, this quick-turn PCB assembly service gives you access to an unsurpassed level of flexibility and support.

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Additional Services

We want the best for your product. We offer advice and develop with you the best possible solution for assembly.

In the range of top-quality electronic goods, we provide you with piece production, machine-made production of small quantities but also large-batch production. We process the entire range of components in high quality and the efficiency necessary for your needs. Our range of services includes:

Special Services

Component Procurement by REYcomp.
Parts Procurement
Ongoing market monitoring for end-of-life and an international supplier network you can afford.
An example of a repaired PCB (Printed Circuit Board).
Repair Depot
Let our repair service take care of your product. It is competent, comprehensive and also available for third party products.