PCB Prototype Assembly
Standalone or ramp up to production

A finished PCB Prototype.
Turning Ideas into Products
Our technical capabilities can cover machine placed SMT components like fine-pitch and BGA / leadless parts. PCB finishes such as HASL and ENIG, along with board types such as rigid and flex; and virtually any layer count or board size. Board dimensions can range from 1.96" x 1.96" (50mm x 50mm) to 16" x 12" (406mm x 304mm) for our standard prototype assembly process. We are flexible enough to handle your larger and smaller physical sizes with our special process capabilities.
Printed Circuit Boards in Production.
Product Development
During the prototyping stages, we collaborate with our customers on developmental issues, including optimizing PCB layout, production, component and pricing. Data is checked before production according to electronic design specifications. Working together to optimize the prototype design and technical parameters of the PCB assembly project before production even begins helps us to avoid costly problems or delays during the manufacturing stage.

Our Standard
PCB Assembly

  • Maximum 16 inch by 12 inch
  • Minimum 1.96 inch by 1.96 inch
  • Maximum Thickness 0.12 inch
  • Topside Clearance 0.75 inch
  • Underside Clearance 0.8 inch
  • 3 Fiducials per side
  • Gerber RS-274X or ODB++
  • Bill of Materials
  • PCB Fab Drawing
  • Prototype Assembly Drawing