PCB Assembly Partnership

Trusted Partnership enables better quality.
We realize your ideas with you and support you for the entire life cycle.
We identify the salient competitive issues and work with you to develop manufacturing action plans and strategies. The electronic contract manufacturing that REYcomp provides is timely and relevant, enabling you to stay a step ahead of the competition, drive growth, and boost profits.


Solutions for your electronic assembly ideas

PCB Cost Drivers.
PCB Cost Drivers
Why is it so expensive?
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Assembly DFM.
Assembly DFM
Will this work?
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Product Design Guidlines.
Product Design
What a great idea!
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The correct way to silkscreen LED orientation.
LED Orientation
Are the lights out?
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An example of Printed Circuit Board Panelization.
Panelization Guide
Buy in bulk and save.
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Kitted Assembly Consignment.
PCB Assembly Kit Checklist
Did you send us everything?
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The preferred Bill of Materials layout.
Assembly Sample BOM
What goes where?
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Picking Place Chipshooter.
Centroid Extraction from CAD.
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REYcomp Inc Services Overview.
Electronic Assembly Overview
What we do and how fast.
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