Printed Circuit Board Assembly
including BGA located in the Dallas
Ft. Worth Metroplex

We have established a good balance of speed, precision and flexibility with our Surface Mount and Thru-Hole manufacturing processes.

All of our medium to large volume PCB assembly orders are processed with our picking place and wave solder machines. At REYcomp, PCB production and test comprises all technology combinations, including BGA and product-specific special processes. All electronic assemblies are available in lead-free (RoHS-compliant) or lead (MIL spec) technology, according to IPC-A-610 and AS910.

A PCB populated with SMT.
Surface Mount
Panelizaton of SMT printed circuit boards is an effective way to reduce cost.
Proven Thru-Hole technology.
Thru Hole
Mounting the TH components on the same side as the SMT fine pitch and BGA allows for faster service.

A PCB during Wavesolder preheating phase.
Mixed Technology
Automated processing of electronic assemblies ensures traceablity and consistent IPC-A-610 class 2 and even 3 reliability.